Marko Koen

R7500 / month

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Matric 1990
Randfontein High

Work & Experience

Police Officer 21/12/1990 - 31/12/2016
South African Police Services

Booysens Police Station Started in the Service Centre and then Was Placed Outside Management of placing Members on specific posts. Capturing of Data on the CAGS Police System. Answering of telephones. Monitoring of complaints dispatched to the Police vehicles. Dealing with complaints handed from Senior Management to the current Shift People on duty and making sure that these instructions from Senior Management is carried out. Organising of necessary people e.g. Ambulance, Detectives, Fire department, Fingerprints, Photographer to the necessary crime scenes. Attend to complaints. Make arrests. Johannesburg Mounted Unit was the Head of Human Resources See that the work is done by Members in the Client Service Centre. Make sure that all Registers / Financial Registers are up to date. See that Public get proper services in the Client Service Centre. See that all the duties done by Service Centre Commander is done if not present. Am the Senior Member of shift and have Supervision of Eight Members and have Supervised more Members than this. Delegate tasks to Members. Do spot checks. Am an Efficient Manager and see to it that all Personnel is placed correctly and that their work performance comply to the correct order.

Car Wash Manager 12/01/2019 - 31/07/2019
Eagle Car Spar

Open car wash and get everything ready for the day’s work. Meet and greet Customers. Write Customers on the list along with their contact details and car registration numbers. Park Customer’s cars in the wash bay. Help wash cars. Park cars in the dry bay. Help dry and clean cars inside and out. When cars are done inform the Customers that the cars are ready for collection. When Customers collect their cars do inspection with Customers to see if they are satisfied with their cars. End of the day cash up. Pay wages and close the car wash for the night.

Casual Worker 11/2019 - 11/2019
Glass Doctor

Chopping out broken windows and putty. Putting in new windows and putty. Driving other workers around. Help putting in windscreens.

Casual Worker 02/202₩ - 02/2020
Angel Cariers

Loading and offloading of goods from trucks.

Mechanic (Cost Centre: Weaving) 10/03/2020 - 27/06/2022
Wang On Fibres

Taking the shuttles apart and servicing it by replacing and cleaning the wheels, bolts, screws, brake pads, etc. Assisting in putting in winders. Cleaning the shuttles. Putting the shuttles back together.

Undertaker / All Rounder 15/09/2022 - 25/01/2023
Mosaic Funeral Group

Opening of the office e.g. all the doors, layout the carpets and entrance flowers / stands. Feed the office cat. Clean office e.g. dust office, sweep and mop floors, clean toilettes, make sure there is toilette paper etc. Make sure parking area where company cars are parked are clean and free from litter. Make sure that motor vehicles is clean. Make sure the hurst is clean and neat inside and outside he day before a funeral. Make sure the motor vehicles is mechanically working. Inspecting all cars e.g. oil level, water level etc. Making sure there is enough trip sheets / log sheets for every motor vehicle. Meet and greet of all walk in Clients. Seeing that Clients are attended to by the relevant person / person they have made appointment with regarding funeral arrangements. Help the Admin Personal with BDO’s (For the funeral Policies). All rounder in Office. Mortuary Duties Preparing the Deceased for coffining e.g. Coffining, Washing Deceased, Clothing the Deceased etc. Pacing Deceased in porpouses coffins for the crematorium for cremation. Clean Mortuary. Make sure Mortuary / fridges smells clean / pleasant. Receive ashes / remains from the Crematorium every Tuesday / Thursday. Place ashes / remains in a scattertube or wooden urn / box. Contact necessary Family Members for the collection of ashes / remains. Make sure the Person / Family Member who collected the Deceased’s details are written in the collection book with details of Person / Family Member who collected details e.g. ID number, contact number and signature. Every Tuesday / Thursday Crematorium comes to Krugersdorp to collect Deceased which I book out and hand over for them to take to the Crematorium in Rustenburg. Call Outs When on standby after hours get phone calls (roepe) to address where the Deceased is. Arrive at the address given / pin location. Removal form is completed. Deceases is removed from given address / pin location. Take Deceased to Mortuary. Place Deceased in fridge. Write Deceased details / information in register. Complete small white form with date, time of removal, Deceased particulars, ID, address of removal, toe tac number (T.T.), which gets written with permanent marker on leg of Deceased. Place Deceased in a rack with individual rack numbers. Rack number gets written up. Movement regarding the removal (roep) is being put on a whatsapp group during this whole process of removal (roep) e.g. “on the way to roep,” “at roep,” “finished with roep,” etc. A photo of the white form with all Deceased information must be taken and then place on the whatsapp group which is called a movement report. The following day all the documents regarding the Deceased e.g. ID of Deceased, Informant’s details and ID, Removal form, Declaration of death (by the Paramedics on the scene), Hand in white form to Office for processing.

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