17 February 1968

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Paulus de Wilzen  +2783 66 22 99 1 Ι 6 Spanish Close, Cambridge, East London





To Whom it may concern


My Interest in this position stems from my belief that I have the right combination of relevant administration experience, communication skills, and high levels of organization that makes me a superb candidate.


To date I feel my strongest abilities are:


Experience in managing a Logistics Branch

Experience in positions from A Fleet Controller to Manager of the Branch, Managing A fleet of Trucks and drivers

Measuring Kpi’s

Implementing effective Operating procedures

Knowledge of the Drive Cam system, C Track Vehicle tracking and various other company software operating systems.

Skilled in many aspects in Managing a Transport company branch, Managing staff, costing, Human Resources, Operations departments and staff and Health and Safety.


I consider myself to be a dedicated, honest and dependable individual who possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills. I feel that my experience, as well as my educational background, HR experience, and qualifications would make me a perfect fit to join your company. This opportunity would also allow me to refine my skills in a new working environment.


In closing I would like to thank you for your time and attention, and I hope to have the opportunity to meet and discuss the vacancy with you in person.



Paulus de Wilzen





















Paulus De Wilzen

De Wilzen

Full Names

Known Name

Driver’s License

Code EB
Cellphone Number

083 66 22 991
E-mail Address


Employment equity

White, Male
Tertiary Qualifications

UNIVERSITY OF JOHANNESBURG | Diploma: Road Transport Management

BUFFALO CITY COLLEGE |National Diploma: Human Resources Management

Secondary Education

Matric: Yes

Grade 12, Cambridge High School
Language Proficiency

Spoken:   English Rfluent   Afrikaans Rfluent

Written:  English Rfluent    Afrikaans Rfluent

Read:       English Rfluent    Afrikaans Rfluent


Current Location

East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa

CCSIT Training | A+ Computer Technician
CCSIT Training | N+ Networking Technician

·         Experienced, hardworking and ambitious individual with a great passion for the transport and logistics industry

·         Over 16 years Managerial, Supervisory, Sales and Logistics experience

·         Skilled in many aspects in managing a Transport company Branch, Managing staff, costing, and Human Resource related issues

·         Training and development and motivating personnel to work together to achieve targets and deadlines

·         Accident and Incident investigations, Health and safety, ISO












Designation:                                            Business Unit Manager

Company Name:                                     Grindrod Logistics

Period of Employment:                         August 2003 – November 2021

Duties and Functions:


·         The complete control and responsibility of the branch together with all financial, disciplinary, Health and safety, performances, ISO, IR related matters etc. implement and maintain all company policies and procedures.

·         Daily operational requirements of the Branch, Financial aspects, Budgets, Billing, Payment of accounts and orders

·         Human Resources – Disciplinary controls, Hearings, Staff salaries and overtime, leave balances

·         Drive Cam Investigations and arranging corrective action.

·         Damages, Accidents and Scene investigations

·         Health and safety, Incidents, reporting, Daily implementation. Risk Management, Vehicle storage

·         Stock safety and security, Company and Client policies and Procedure Implementation and Adherence

·         Ensure that the Contract is maintained to the highest standards and all policies and procedures are implemented and controlled.

·         Daily control of the on-time performances, reporting, reports, damage claims and losses are investigated and counter measures applied.

·         Communication with OEM daily on performances, problems, breakdowns. Customer care and complaints and enquiries.

·         Asset accountability

·         Vehicle tracking and monitoring, on time delivery scanning, ensuring vehicles are delivered in the required time frame and no penalties are applied.

·         Training and development of staff members and arranging the required training and certification courses.

·         Motivation and review meetings, toolbox talks

·         Daily carrier check’s walk arounds to ensure duties are performed as per required standards Assessments of all functions to ensure the most profitable and less risk procedure is used and implemented.

·         Road and route reviews and surveys – Risk Management – Safety and security – Health and safety

·         ISO Management – Budget and control – Road Transport Management System – Dashcam Analysis

·         HR functions and disciplinaries –

·         RTMS  –  Accident and Incident investigations, Health and safety, ISO


Load Planner/ Scheduler / Operations Controller – Auto Carriers East London – 2 years


·         Load Planning as per Due dates and Routes

·         Printing the delivery and stock schedule reports, compiling the necessary spreadsheets

·         Monitoring the shipping schedule and arranging the required staff to check and collect the vehicles from the quayside

·         Collect all released vehicles within time limits, plan loads and parking area as per forward plan.

·         Safety and security of all stock, control of damages and reporting.

·         Briefing of all convoy drivers, Contracts, Payments, documentation.

·         Plan carriers as per requirements and maximum payloads with minimum mileage wastage and Fuel economy

·         Vehicle accounting and data capturing, stock control.

·         Daily communication with Oem’s dealers and branches on requirements and requests.

·         Monitoring of on route stock for on time delivery.

·         Communication with Management on all aspects of the movements and on time performance.

·         Carrier tracking and communication.

·         Reporting all accidents and incidents to the relevant parties, arrange driver support when required.

·         Accurate data reports on all vehicle movements

·         Assisting with accident investigations and reports.

·         Camera checking and incidents reports for further attention.





·         Control of the tyre account for East London, ensuring all carriers have the required tyres and wheel balancing, arranging breakdowns for carriers on route.

·         Daily training requirements


Operations – Auto Carrier Transport


·         All vehicle movements from Gauteng to the various dealers across the country.

·         Private vehicle quotations and sundry movements for the Mercedes Benz account.

·         Responsible for all the local deliveries from Storage yard to Local dealerships and collections from Dealerships to the allocated dealerships.

·         Training regarding the checking of vehicles, handling of vehicles and ABET


Fleet Controller – Auto Carrier Transport


·         The daily tracking and contacting of all East London Based carrier and drivers.

·         All the incoming vehicle scanning and entering of Nap’s.

·         Printing of all outgoing loads and driver de briefing and instructions.

·         Monitoring and operation of the Vehicle tracking system.

·         Capturing of all delivered Pod’s and documentation for local convoy drivers to deliver

·         Assisting the drivers on the road with any mechanical or tyre breakdowns and getting the required statements in case of any accidents.

·         Yard planning and parking of vehicles for loads and assisting drivers with the loading of the carriers.

·         Assisting the Operations Manager with daily tasks, load building, tracking and vehicle checking.

·         Monitor the carriers and drivers to ensure constant movement and contacting the drivers every two hours for position updates.

·         Updating the Operations Manager regarding carrier movement.

·         Carrier fuel consumption reports.

·         Carrier breakdown and repair reporting and arranging, tyre replacement and accounting.

·         Ensuring that incoming carriers turnaround time I to the minimal and no time wastage.

·         Carrier on route planning and mileage monitoring,

·         Vehicle on time performance monitoring and liaising with the dealership to arrange acceptance.

·         Damages and claim investigations.

·         Driver allocation, driver disciplinary reporting.

·         Carrier checking for Roadworthy and tyre replacement.



Reason for Leaving : Retrenchment

























Designation:                                            Branch Supervisor/Branch Manager/Logistics Specialist

Company Name:                                     S.A. POST OFFICE

Period of Employment:                         January 1986 – 2003


Duties and Functions:


Appointed as the Logistics Specialist for the Eastern Cape region and was responsible for the preparation, planning and complete installation of all the computer systems currently used at the point of sales areas today.


Worked in numerous branches in the Eastern Cape as a relieving officer, working in various positions replacing the present manager while they were away.


Paulus also has 16 years Sales, Managerial and Supervisory experience


Responsibilities included all Administration and staff needs, Budgets, Sales targets and marketing, Labour issues and personnel training.


Financial experience in daily and monthly balancing of all financial aspects, stocktaking, budgeting, and general functions of managing a branch office.


Responsible for the Administration, planning and installation of all the new and replacement of old computer equipment, for a new software system in all branches in the Eastern Cape.


Maintaining of all Computer training centers, the training staff, transport and inventories, used for training on the new systems, assisted with the training of staff.



Logistics’ specialist in the S.A. Post Office


·         The Planning and Implementation for the installation of a new computer and software system for the entire Eastern Cape area.

·         Obtaining Quotations from Sub Contractors and the planning for the daily installations of equipment.

·         Ordering of equipment, planning of staff training, installation of equipment, office structure changes and

·         Stock takes of all equipment.

·         Budgets as per each office

·         Assisting with training of all staff members in all aspects of the software system.

·         Staff training on the usage and repair of computer equipment. (Various printers, barcode scanners, usage of software and daily accounting balance…etc…

·         Setting up and training of retail stores to be used as branch offices.

·         Setting up LAN and WAN networks and infrastructure at Branches.

·         Assist with the maintenance of computer systems.

·         Manage installation logistics, and asset management.

·         Monitor Regional expenses.

·         Provide support in the respective regions during the Implementation process.

·         Altering all corporate counters and any other counter according to new needs.












Functions as a Branch Manager at the S.A. Post Office


·         Maintaining sound financial control, banking, budgeting, and check balancing…

·         Staff planning and meetings.

·         Ensuring that sales targets are achieved and maintained.

·         Labour Relations such as Disciplinary hearings, reprimands, Absenteeism

·         Statistics and financial figures.

·         Budget reports.

·         Training of all staff members, motivation and communication needs.

·         Ensure that staff members are conversant with all products and that efficient Marketing takes place between customer and staff.

·         Daily planning and support

·         Conflict and general enquiries

·         Administration

·         General HR matters, Disciplinaries


Functions as a Branch Supervisor


·         Cashier – Planning daily needs, Cash handling and banking.

·         Daily cash, stock balances and accounting

·         Compilation of daily statistics and figures

·         Daily office management, staff control, security and Job completion.

·         Ordering, accounting and balancing of stock. Doing a monthly stock take.

·         Handling of public enquiries and complaints and liaison with clients. Setting of franking machines and business reply service. Maintaining of computers and correcting errors and daily reporting of faults.

·         Handling all internal relations and implementing and maintaining the disciplinary code when needed.

·         Conducting daily review meetings, planning daily, weekly and monthly duties for staff. Performing teller duties when needed.

·         Attend monthly Manager’s meetings and supply feedback

·         Daily maintenance of the office and surroundings.

·         Training staff as required.



Diploma Human Resources Management 2003
Buffalo City College, East London, South Africa

Computer Practice N4 Computer Practice N5 Computer Practice N6 Entrepreneurship and business Management N4 Labour Relations N5 Labour Relations N6 Management Communication N4 Personnel Management N4 Personnel Management N5 Personnel Management N6 Personnel Training N5 Personnel Training N6

Diploma, Road Transport Management 2014
University of Johannesburg


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